Different Kinds of Smart.

I don’t use big, complicated words.  In fact, if there is a word in any of my writing that you don’t understand so far, I will be very surprised.  I don’t have a very particularly extensive vocabulary.  To be honest, it has never really interested me much.  In the past that has made me feel small, inadequate, less important in some way.  While I admire (greatly) people in all areas of my life who create beautiful pictures with their words, poetic and flowing… My poetry is just me.  I aspire to always speak from my heart and hopefully speak to someone else’s who needs that poem of mine on that day.

And now I know that’s just me.  A few weeks ago, new friend in my life, who has his masters degree, PhD, is a big wig smarty pants global executive, travels around the world, own businesses and is also an amazing dad to top it all off, says to me, “Barbie, there are many different versions of smart.  You are very smart”.  YES!  I AM!   I am no less adequate, no less intelligent.  My heart was lit up.

“We can have tea and I promise you will not have to look up any of the words I use”.

I promise to speak to you, in my words, in a way that is just from me to you.  From my heart to yours.

Please never – just try to never – let your fear of being small hold you back.  When you are ready, and only then, speak from your heart.  In your own voice.  To your own audience, whether that is an arena or just your dog named Phil.  If you use big words, I admire you.  If you don’t, I admire you.

Show up as you are. I’ll see you there.  We can have tea and I promise you will not have to look up any of the words I use.

Love. Xo.

Barbie Quinn is a dancer, now also entrepreneur, who has a lot to say. Life is better together. And in the sun. Runs Wharton Event Management with her mom and sister, makers of Peak Invitational Dance CompetitionNext Level Hip HopFestival du Ballet and Quantum Acrobatics Competition.  Hear more at BarbieQuinn.com
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