DON’T STRESS: Love what you do.

Dance is a passion. Dance is an expression. Dance is a lifestyle.

Dance is life.


I was a dancer all throughout high school. It was my life, my identifier. I’ve felt all the dancer problems. “I can’t because I have dance”. Starting competition season with a million bobby pins and then a week later having zero. Practicing your dance routine in the middle of grocery store isles. All the feels.

I have also felt the rush and excitement of getting ready for competition season. But then the stress would slowly start to creep in as the competition dates got closer and closer. A little voice in the back of my head would try to put me down by saying, “if your team doesn’t win, it’s going to be all your fault”.

No dancer should ever feel this way. First of all, you are part of a team, so it is not on one person’s shoulders if the team wins or loses. And second, yes competition is about competing against other teams, but it is also for your team to go on stage and present your art to the world. To show off all the hard work you have been putting in at the studio with your teammates. To be able to really perform and make the audience feel something and understand your story. Then to come off the stage and feel so proud of your team for leaving everything on that stage, you are crying happy tears.

Dance and dance competitions are not meant to be stressful. Do not stress. There is no need for your energy to be wasted on an outcome that you can’t entirely control. If you love what you do and want to share that with an audience, performing should just be about the love and passion behind the movements. Every time you are about to go on stage, think about what you are going to give to the audience to experience, not if you are good enough to beat the team or person before you. If you think about what you’re going to give, the nerves will melt away and your smile will be the evidence of your love for dance.

Do not stress, just love what you do. Everything after that will fall into place.

With love,

Marley Futerko


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