Essential Oils.

We have all heard of essential oils in one way or another. Some great feedback and others, not so great. Maybe it was just a fad or a trend or a phase of 2017, but the reality is, essential oils have been around for many years and are a great NATURAL remedy to everyday life.  I have tried them myself and here are some I love.  I hope you do too.

When I met Barbie, she was all about essential oils, and still is. All the different kinds and how  to use them to help stress, anxiety, sleep and even skin imperfections (in my case, eczema). Her passion and excitement for the oils made me need to know more and now I’m super grateful to have them as part of my daily life routine. I have put together a list of 5 different oils that I think will be great for the dancer’s life, teacher’s life AND crazy mom life. All of these oils are from the Doterra brand, in my opinion, one of the better brands because they can be diffused, used directly on skin and taken internally (but do the research and see for yourself).

  1. Lemon:  I love it in my water to start the day off with a kick.  It gives me energy and uplifts my mood.  I also use with water to clean my kitchen and in cooking if I’m out of real lemons!  I love Lemon, I use it all the time so I would highly recommend it.
  2. Lavender:  I use to relax my mind, or in the bath.  Also I like to put on my temples when I have a headache (peppermint oil is great for this too!)  This is one of the most popular oils it seems and I can see why.  In my opinion it is super versatile and smells amazing. It can be used every day in so many different ways.  Barbie rubs it on her boys’ backs, along their spine to help them sleep as well!
  3. In Tune Blend from Doterra:  Helps me focus and stay on task!  Could be great for learning choreo, studying for finals and for multi-tasking super moms. I find it gives a sense of clarity while being calming and soothing.
  4. Peace Blend from Doterra:  Helps me when I have a bit of anxiety or lots going on. Could be great for first time solo performers, backstage teachers (at all times haha!), and for nervousness in general.  The Peace Blend is said to promote feelings of contentment, composure and reassurance when anxious feelings overwhelm your emotions. I love it!
  5. Deep Blue Blend from Doterra:  Really helps me after a workout or yoga class for sore and tired muscles.  Or when our teammate Tina makes us do the squat challenge in the office! Deep Blue is said to be the remedy to soothe those achy muscles. Like Rub-A535 but natural!  It helps relax sore muscles with the cooling sensation that burns so good.  I really like the smell too.

I’m not saying all these oils are a for sure cure to stress, anxiety or better sleep but they are a natural way to help these different areas of life and I personally love them!  I just wanted to share this with you.  Maybe they will help you too!

If you use oils or are interested – let us know which oil is your favourite and why and lets help each other with cool new ways to use essential oils in the Belong Culture community!

With Love,

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