Welcome to Belong Culture.

We see life as a time to be allowed to be yourself – to expand and grow.  To find your tribe.  One that inspires and excites you.  Motivates you to become the version of yourself where you shine, laugh and live to the fullest every day.  The version of yourself that YOU choose to be.  That’s what we WILL create here.  Advice, inspiration and ideas to guide you on your own journey.  Welcome to Belong Culture.  You belong here.

Our in house and guest bloggers have been carefully selected for their passion – love of life and shared vision.  Most have been dancers – some maybe not.  But we all belong here.  We are all the same.  We all laugh, cry and try our best every day.

Please check out all our sections – LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, DANCE – for different motivational posts.  We will continue to post regularly when we feel inspired!  If we don’t feel inspired – we promise to not post something just because we have to remain on a schedule.  Also – our new online store rocks!  Shop Peak Invitational Dance Competition, Festival du Ballet, Quantum Acrobatics Competition and Next Level Hip Hop Competition merchandise as well as new items each day that we think are great.  Keep checking back – we have SO MUCH in store coming your way.


About the Writers and our Team

In House Writers

Barbie Quinn – Extroverted introvert, Gemini, passionate business girl, speaker, an entrepreneur based in Vancouver BC.  Loyal, loud and sometimes funny (hopefully!).  Tea lover, star gazer, self-professed quote junkie.  Director at Wharton Event Management, mom of two boys, 9 and 11 years old.

Marley Futerko – Passionate story-teller with the biggest heart and smile to show for it.  Radiates positivity.  Keeps all event needs and Social Media organized at Wharton Events.  Youth group leader with big hair problems.  Loves fishy crackers, and dance parties.

Guest Writers (way more to come!)

Jennifer Baum [Pommetta Nutrition] – Helping parents nourish themselves and their families.  Goes by “Jay”, Toronto based registered dietitian and former dancer.  Momma to two under 5.  Sign up for her newsletter here – eepurl.com/dcc0OT


Join us on our blog journey and belong to our mailing list.  Email us if you want to chat or have any questions, we’re so glad you’re here!


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